6-Figure 1-person Newsletter, $20k per month with Niall Doherty, How to Get Newsletter Subscribers, and more from the Creator Economy

How Dru Riley of Trends.vc built a six-figure newsletter

“His newsletter currently boasts 36,000+ free subscribers, nearly 1,000 paid members (Trends Pro) with 800 people active in the community. At a price point of about $200 to $300 per year, I estimate he pulls in around $200,000 to $300,000 annually.”

Big Idea: The Trends.vc newsletter is a large collection of links on trending topics. It’s very quick to skim but following the links can keep you engaged for hours. I think it’s this format that makes it so compelling. That’s the power of a good idea.

Interview with Niall Doherty of eBizFacts

“Niall Doherty publishes eBiz facts, a refreshingly honest and candid newsletter about online business and the weird ways people make money online in the creator economy.”

Niall writes comprehensive reviews of make-money-online courses and now makes more than $20k per month, mostly through affiliate commissions. He is adding more than 1000 subscribers per month from SEO.

Big Idea: Focusing on writing in-depth reviews for products with generous affiliate commissions is a brilliant idea. This is a great creator business model for a variety of niches.

How To Get Newsletter Subscribers

Josh Spector shares a large collection of articles, videos, and podcasts to get more subscribers.

I’ll be spending a lot of time on this page.

Step-by-step process to generate leads for your business

Matt Diggity, of SEO agency DiggityMarketing, explains his lead generation funnel. This is a great walkthrough of how to systematically generate leads for a business.

Big Idea: He shows exactly how he uses case studies and Facebook ads to get leads for $23 each.

How I got 1000 Signups in 1 Day for my Simple App

“This is how I managed to get 1000 signups in less than 24 hours, for an app I spent 1 day to build.”

Here is an interesting video on how to quickly build and promote an app idea. The best channel for signups was Reddit, prior to his posts being banned.

Big Idea: It’s common to say that ideas are worthless and only execution matters. However, starting with “a good idea makes everything simpler.”

via @JoshSpector

Paid newsletter best practices: Tried-and-tested tips

“What are the paid newsletter best practices for growing and sustaining your list? We asked some people who have already done it for some tried-and-tested tips.”

via @ghost

LinkedIn Playbook

“An in-depth guide to building an audience via LinkedIn organic content. Learn the advanced strategies used by LinkedIn experts.”

via @producthabits.com

Building a Second Brain — Obsidian for Beginners

“This is the ultimate Obsidian HOW TO. Learn how to supercharge your note-taking and note-making.”

Learn how to install and use the free note management app Obsidian. Notion and Roam Research seem more popular but Obsidian is free and is hosted on your own computer.

Big Idea: The real value of tools like Obsidian is how you can link your ideas together. This is a great way to keep your thinking clear when you are taking lots of notes and need to access them again.

How Jack Forge uses Twitter

In just over a year, @TheJackForge has added 43.8k Twitter followers. This post breaks down how he did it.

Master Essential Creator Skills

Here is a selection of the best links I’ve found this week to level up your creator skills.

Improve SEO with Guestographics — Moz
Interesting Idea to get backlinks from larger sites.

The Anatomy of a Killer Sales Page: Boost Traffic & Conversions! — TheHoth

10 Blog Post Templates to drive more traffic to your site — RyRob

Newsletters to Advertise in — GrowGetters
Alex Haas shared this spreadsheet of small newsletters to advertise in.

How To Build a Professional Network, According to Someone Who Networks for a Living = CaseyRenner — via @initiatorcreator

Write better email subject lines — StarterStory

How to Grow Your Email List with Twitter — EssenceofEmail — via @optinweekly

How to Grow Your Email List Using Facebook — BloggingGuide

Make the most of your email signature — Cody Burch — via @IndieHackers

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