AI Content creation, Creators raising millions, Getting 40k Twitter followers and more from the Creator Economy

Better + Faster Content Creation Using Artificial Intelligence

This video shows some real-time examples of how AI can help with content creation. It really is amazing what’s already possible and it will only get better.

Big Idea: Artificial Intelligence is here already and it’s working well. This will have massive impacts on creators, journalism, SEO, fake news, online scams, social media posts, and so much more.

There will be outsized rewards to the creators that are early to find ways to effectively leverage the technology.

YouTube’s ‘Bucket List Family’ has raised $10 million for their own animation studio

The Gee family have 1.3 million YouTube subscribers and get over 4 million monthly views.

“The Gees say they turned down a $10 million offer from a major studio, and thus sought to raise that same sum independently. They say they opted to form an indie studio to order to be able to pursue interactive learning activities, tell global stories with complete creative freedom, and develop “software to bring a new age of animation to life.”

Big Idea: There are major opportunities for creators to raise money, start investment funds, and promote their own products and services. There has never been a better time to be a creator!

via @ThePublishPress

How Dickie Bush gained 40,000 followers in less than six months

I’m a huge fan of Dickie Bush and his Ship30for30 cohort-based writing program. In this interview, Dickie shared some great advice on how to grow your Twitter following.

Jarrod Dicker Is Thinking A Lot About ‘Web 2.5’

Interesting conversation on creator communities, DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations), what would Substack look like as a community-owned DAO, and more.

Big Idea: The future of the creator economy is moving towards social tokens and crypto technologies. It’s still not mainstream yet, but it likely will be soon.

What it takes to have a successful Kickstarter campaign

The founders of SleepOut have presold over $200k of their portable blackout curtains on Kickstarter. This post shows the amount of work and investment required to be successful.

Big Idea: Crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter can be a great way to presell a product to raise money for a new startup idea. While sourcing and delivering physical products is challenging, there are definitely interesting business opportunities for creators.

via @ebizfacts

How OnlyFans competitor Sunroom got started

Here is an interesting post on how to leverage an established competitor to validate your startup idea.

“To learn more about the OnlyFans universe, Lucy started playing around with the product both as a fan and as a creator. She got deeper and deeper into the community and started interviewing other creators to learn more about their experiences. In addition, Lucy joined several OnlyFans creator-only telegram groups, where she would learn about the problems of the platform.”

“It became obvious that it was women, non-binary, and femme-identifying creators who most often were affected by stigmas as they asked for more and showed more in their pursuit of wealth. They are not monetizing beyond brand deals but are looking for ways to have a more reliable and consistent income stream.

Sunroom was born to create safe and celebrated sources of income for this underserved creator community.’

Kickstarting supply in a Job Board

Lenny Rachitsky researched about a dozen of today’s most successful and fastest-growing labor marketplaces and found there are essentially four primary ways to drive your supply in the early days.

Big Idea: Job boards can be a lucrative way to monetize a creator community. Some examples are Problogger, Dynamite Jobs, and Lenny’s Job Board,

How Reddit Started

“Establishing trust through fake users, launching before you are ready and everything you didn’t know about how Reddit got their very first customers.”

Big Ideas:
- The founders started with a food-ordering app
- Paul Graham of YCombinator rejected that idea but told them to build the “front page of the internet.”
- “The best mechanic the founders could come up with- to Bruteforce Reddit to the critical mass- was to create fake users…..lots and lots of fake users.”

Master Essential Creator Skills

Here is a selection of the best links I’ve found this week to level up your creator skills.

10 Fill-In-The-Blank Headlines You Can Use To Create Effective Content — Josh Spector

Interesting link building technique: search for existing content that is lacking important information and then help the creator update the content — ItamarBlauer -via IndieHackers

Benefits of guest blogging — BloggingGuide

How to Optimize for Google Featured Snippets: A 12-Step Guide — SearchEngineJournal

Storytelling is a superpower — Sahil Blom

5 Ways to Validate Your Course Before You Launch — MarketingSchool

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